The term of ultimatum of the Somali pirates concerning ransom of sailors- hostages from “Lemann Timber” ship ended yesterday, on July 7. There are four Ukrainians among these hostages.

The press service of ombudsman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nina Karpacheva disclosed this to UNIAN.

On July 7, during the telephone talk with Ombudsman  captain of “Lemann Timber”  ship Valentin Batrashov said that the Somali pirates  did not believe in possibility of receiving the ransom from the owner of the ship in the fixed term and they are about to take the crew of the ship to the coast.

The state of health of sailors is grave.

The telephone communication is controlled by pirates strictly – they demand to carry out all negotiation in English language, which is clear for some “soldiers of Somali”, as they call themselves.