On the night of 3 April, in line with the Plan of the pullout of military men and machinery of the third detached engineer battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which fulfilled UN tasks in Lebanon, the movement of motor-car and caterpillar machinery, as well as the cargo of the contingent, began in the direction of the Beirut sea port.

According to the press-service of the Defense Ministry, the first column of the battalion has already passed 110 km to the place of shipping to a ferry, which will convey the equipment and property to Ukraine. The march of the column, which was headed by “Ukrengbat” commander colonel Anatoliy Slesarchuk, lasted for 5 hours. All the equipment of  Ukrainian peacemaking contingent, in particular, armored troop-carrier, trucks, a crane, and a battle machine of mine-clearing, successfully reached the Beirut port.

On the whole, 81 machinery unit, which will leave for “Oktiabrski” port on 8 April, will return in Ukraine. The staff of the battalion will return in Ukraine on 10 April by a Tu-154 jet of “Ukrainian Aircraft Transporting Company” state-owned enterprise of the Defense Ministry.

The third detached engineer battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fulfilled peacemaking tasks of UN in Lebanon since 22 July 2000.