EU Foreign Ministers have decided at their sitting Brussels today that the new enhanced agreement between Ukraine and EU will be called “Agreement on Association”.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Foreign Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Ohryzko claimed this to a press conference today.

“The new agreement will be called “Agreement on Association”, he said.

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According to V.Ohryzko, it is the first, but important step of Ukraine on the way to the European Union.

The Minister stressed that this name reflects the contents of the future agreement.

According to him, the contents of the new agreement is not clear as yet, because the economical part of the agreement has not been finished - the talks on free trade zone have just started. “As for other directions, we clearly realize – it will be a real agreement on association between Ukraine and EU”, he said.

According to V.Ohryzko, there are still many important tasks in the sphere of European aspirations of Ukraine.

Having received the first positive result, Ukraine will not stop on this way. “Our main task is to get a real powerful instrument for real adaptation of the interests of Ukraine and EU by the end of 2009”, V.Ohryzko said.