Authorities in the breakaway Dniester region are preparing the evacuation of 50,000 people from settlements on the overflowing Dniester river, according to Itar-Tass. 

Evacuation from the lowlands in Dubossary, Grigorispol, Slobodzea, Bendery, and Tiraspol will become necessary if Ukraine’s Novodnestrovsky waterworks dump 4,000-4,500 cubic meters of water per second.

In this case, the Dubossary hydropower plant located downstream will also have to increase water discharge to 3,000 cubic metres per second. As a result, dozens of settlements and 50,000 hectares of agricultural land will be inundated.

Local emergencies authorities have warned the residents of a possible flood. Places have been prepared for the accommodation of the people, emergencies and rescue services have been put on high alert, and tanks with drinking water have been brought in.

The Novodnestrovsky waterworks discharge 3,400 cubic meters and the Dubossary hydropower plant dumps 2,200 cubic metres of water per second. This load can still be handled by 240 kilometres of dams along the Dniester that are constantly monitored by rescuers.

Heavy rains and winds left over 70 settlements without electricity in Moldova at the end of last week. Central and northern parts of the country had suffered the most.