Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered the country`s emergencies and foreign ministries to provide humanitarian aid to flood-hit areas of Ukraine and Moldova, the government said on Thursday, according to RIA Novosti.

At least 30 people including six children were killed on July 23-27 in the worst storms to hit western Ukraine in over a century. Dozens of people are still missing, and thousands have been evacuated from the region.

Evacuations have also been announced in several flooded areas of neighboring Moldova. The country`s northern areas were the hardest-hit. Traffic has been halted on a bridge across the Dniestr River, and the ferry service to and from Tiraspol, the capital of the republic`s breakaway region of Transdnestr, has been suspended.

Ukrainian Emergencies Minister Volodymyr Shandra said Kyiv will consider Russia`s aid proposal.

"No official proposal has yet been put forward. We will work together on this," he told parliament, which approved President Viktor Yushchenko`s decree to declare six damaged regions disaster areas earlier in the day

On Monday Yushchenko declared a three-month state of emergency in western Ukraine. The country`s government has announced plans to pay a total of $30 million in compensation to flood victims.