The Pentagon on Friday said it was monitoring events in Georgia but has received no request for assistance from Georgian officials since Russian forces entered the country, according to Reuters.

"We`re monitoring it very closely," U.S. Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters. "There has been some contact with Georgian authorities," Whitman added. Asked whether there had been a request of U.S. help, he answered: "No."

Whitman said about 127 U.S. defense personnel and contractors, including 35 civilians, were in the Tblisi area to train Georgian forces for deployment to Iraq.

"They are by all accounts all accounted for. Nobody`s been injured. At this time, there`s no plan to redeploy them," he said.

About 1,100 U.S. military personnel were in Georgia for a training exercise last month but they have since left the country, a defense official said.