According to the survey, 72% of Russians believe that the United States is the most hostile to the Russian Federation.

The second place with the highest ever recorded figure goes to Ukraine – 48% (it was 37% in 2015).

The third unfriendly country, according to the Russians, is Turkey. In 2015, a mere 1% of respondents thought so, but this year, 29% of respondents support this point of view.

Read alsoMost Russians believe hostilities in Donbas to resume soon: pollBelarus (50%), Kazakhstan (39%) and China (34%) are considered to be Russia's best friends. At the same time, 43% of Russians named China as a Russian friend a year ago.

This year, 10% of respondents consider Syria to be a friendly country, while in 2015 a mere 2% said that.

The majority of Russians polled still have a negative attitude to the U.S. (70%) and the EU (62%). Only 24% of the respondents are in favor of Russian membership in the EU. In August 2009, this idea was supported by 53% of the pollees.