“That summit is going to be one of the most important Summits in history of the Alliance just because we are faced with fundamental changes in the security environment. So the way NATO responds to these changes, to more challenging and more dangerous security environment is of great importance and therefore this Summit will be a landmark Summit just because the environment it will take place within,” said Stoltenberg.

NATO chief said he expected the Heads of State and Government to make many decisions on many different issues.

Stoltenberg also focused on the Summit’s agenda stating that the first theme is everything related to deterrence and defense. “And the other main theme is projecting stability beyond our borders,” Stoltenberg said.

“When it comes to deterrence and collective defence this is NATO’s core responsibility. This is about providing credible deterrence so any adversary knows that an attack on any NATO Ally will trigger the full response from the whole Alliance,” said the NATO chief.

Read alsoFT: Defense spending by NATO's Europe states up as uncertainty risesThe other main theme is “projecting stability to our neighborhood,” according to Stoltenberg. “It’s relevant for neighbors like Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, where we work with them in modernizing their armed forces, implementing the reform of their defense institutions and fighting corruption. And the idea is that if our neighbourhood is more stable we are more secure. So this is also in our interest to project stability beyond our borders because that serves our own interest as NATO Alliance,” he said.

NATO cooperation with the European Union will also be “one of the main issues” at the Warsaw Summit, according to the NATO Secretary General.

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