A Dutch television journalist was killed overnight when Russian warplanes bombed the central Georgian city of Gori.

The television news station RTL reported on its Web site that its cameraman Stan Storimans, 39, was killed and correspondent Jeroen Akkermans was wounded in the leg in the attack. RTL said, in all, five people died in the Gori bombing.

At least two other journalists have been reported killed previously in the fighting between Georgian and Russian troops, now in its fifth day.

Gori was bombed overnight by Russian forces who have occupied the nearby Georgian separatist region of South Ossetia and on Monday advanced into Georgia proper. Gori was all but deserted late Monday after most remaining residents and Georgian soldiers fled.

Dutch Ambassador Onno Van Elderenbosch said Storimans was working in a media center that had been set up on the top floor of Gori`s three-story television and radio center. It was not clear whether the building itself had been hit.

However, Georgian officials say Russian forces have been targeting administrative buildings. The television center is located 200 yards from Gori`s central administrative building.

Gori`s university and its post office were on fire Tuesday after the bombings, Georgian officials said.

RTL Nieuws, based in Hilversum, Netherlands, is controlled by Luxembourg-based RTL Group SA, Europe`s largest private broadcasting company, which in turn is owned by German media conglomerate Bertelsmann AG.

AP via Syracuse.com