President Victor Yushchenko took part in the opening of the IX Ukrainian World Congress, according to the President’s press-office.

In his address at the event Victor Yushchenko thanked Ukrainian diaspora representatives for their support of Ukrainian culture around the globe.

Speaking about Ukraine’s steps in external policy that led to improvement of our country’s global image, President reminded of the beginning of talks with the EU on free trade zone, acknowledgment of Ukraine’s market economy status, liberalization of visa regulations with a number of countries, etc.

He also stressed assurance that at the next EU-Ukraine summit in September a political part of the Strengthened agreement would be signed, which would bring Ukraine and the EU even closer.

Making comments on Ukraine’s aspiration to join NATO, particularly within the scope of recent events in Georgia, Victor Yushchenko repeated his opinion that there is no alternative choice for Ukraine beside collective security.

“I hope that we will be productive during these four months that are remaining before the December Summit. The world has changed after August 8th. A large part of the world is at the crossroads. Positions are changing and so opinions do. I am assured that both Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainian nation are able to do much more than they had been doing before”, - he said.

In his speech President Yushchenko also brought up humanitarian subjects and informed those present about plans to arrange commemoration 75th anniversary of Holodomor and 300th anniversary of Baturyn tragedy. Beside that he invited everybody to the opening of the first hall of “Mystetsky Arsenal” museum, scheduled on November.