The breakdown in relations between Moscow and London has seen a new ally on the side of the British government, the Russian community of London, according to The London Daily News.


The London Daily News has learnt from leading Russians in the capital that they stand behind the position of the UK government in its approach to the Russian Federations stance in Georgia and aggression in the Caucus.

Natasha Chouvaeva Editor of the RussianUK newspaper one of the leading publications for the Russian Diaspora in the UK based in north London said:

"In my opinion, and in the opinion of, which is read by people from all former Soviet countries, regardless of their nationality (we are only united by the language) Milliband is doing the right thing trying to stop Russia in its quest for power and influence that was lost with falling of the Empire. The international community has to react more vigorously to the developments of recent months. As for Ukraine, if their population is in favour of joining NATO, (and only then) it should be allowed to happen."

"Also in recent years the question of double standards features prominently."

There are an estimated 80,000 Russians living in London with a Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Kensington.

"It is the favourite card that is often played by Russia. So in order to avoid this western world should not give any excuse to countries like Russia in its international dealings and be always transparent, be morally higher, always seek support of legal entities/international organisations before reacting."

In a recent article title "A return to 1815 is the way forward for Europe The Congress of Vienna divided the continent into spheres of influence" in The Times the British government has been given a warning against encroaching the historical spheres of influences of nation states. 

Sir Christopher Meyer the former US Ambassador of the UK also said "...the case with Russia, where we have managed to be both impotent and provocative. If we really want to put a halt to bad Russian behaviour, let us do so where we can make a difference, and where it is justified - starting with the expulsion of the vast nest of Russian intelligence officers in London, as Labour and Conservative governments did not hesitate to do in the 1970s."

The London Daily News