Europarliamentarian professor Vytautas Landsbergis suggests sending the observers of the European Union (EU) to Crimea in Ukraine, where live a lot of Russians, to prevent the possible repeat of Georgia"s scenario, according to The Baltic Course.

At the sitting of the subcommittee on security and defence of the committee on foreign affairs of the European Parliament, Landsbergis highlighted that it must be done earlier than the authorities of Crimea signed the agreement with the Russian defence ministry, which allowed the Russian fleet and infantry to be dislocated in Crimea for the purpose of peacekeeping, informs ELTA.

 "I think that we, the European Union, could really help Ukraine not to become divided as Georgia. Perhaps we could send a small mission of the EU observers to Crimea? Well, it is better to do it in advance than after some event. The presence of observers would significantly show that Europeans are not total idiots," said Landsbergis, cited by the news service ELP-ED.

The Baltic Course