During his working visit to Stockholm, Wednesday,  Donald Tusk said he would appeal on behalf of the European Union to the government in Kiev for efforts to strengthen democratic order in Ukraine, according to Polskie Radio.

On Friday the Polish PM is holding talks with that country’s top political leaders, including the opposition.

Still in Stockholm, the Polish government head devoted much attention to the joint Polish-Swedish initiative of the Eastern Partnership for EU neighbors, especially Ukraine and Georgia. Both Sweden and Poland agree on the importance of the proposal evidenced by the tense situation in the Caucuses.

Donald Tusk said the Eastern Partnership project is a bolder means of Union cooperation with eastern neighbors:

‘Developments of the past months, especially the crisis in the Caucuses, have shown the farsightedness of the Swedish and Polish initiative – a proposal for the entire European Union with a global dimension – a proposal of a peaceful way of defusing tensions in the region East of the EU.’

Swedish PM Frederick Reinfeldt fully agreed with this opinion and pointed to the importance of Georgian integrity, adding the EU should support Georgia in pressing for a complete Russian withdrawal of military forces from its territory.