CHINA has asked for foreign help in catching eight people accused of separatist violence during the Beijing Olympics, according to Shanghai Daily.

The Ministry of Public Security issued a wanted list for the second time and singled out people accused of leading a campaign to disrupt the Beijing Games in August, ministry spokesman Wu Heping said at a news conference in Beijing this morning.

The eight suspects belong to a terrorist group called the East Turkistan Islamic Movement, which was identified as a terrorist organization by the United Nations Security Council in September 2002.

Of the suspects, Memetiming Memeti, 38, has been the alleged leader of the group since November 2003, according to the spokesman. Emeti Yakuf, Memetituersun Yiming, Memetituersun Abuduhalike, Xiamisidingaihemaiti Abudumijiti, Aikemilai Wumaierjiang,Yakuf Memeti and Tuersun Toheti, are also wanted by China, Wu said.

In December 2003, China issued a wanted list of 11 suspects and four terrorist organizations, among which the East Turkestan Islamic Movement was included.

By Tom Qian, Shanghai Daily