These phones ship with Google Assistant available wherever you are in the phone, according to VentureBeat

Indeed, the Pixels are the first phones with Google Assistant, which you can access by touching and holding the home button or saying the “OK, Google” command.

Charging your phone for 15 minutes will apparently get up to seven hours of battery life, reads the report.

The Pixels ship with Android Nougat, including seamless updates that mean the phone just needs to be restarted  get the latest version. Allo and Duo also come preinstalled.

Read alsoEuropean Commission charges Google over AndroidBoth Pixels have a quad-core 2.15GHz 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB or 128GB of storage, a 12.3MP rear camera, an 8MP front camera, a headphone jack on top, a fingerprint scanner on the back, and a USB-C port on the bottom. The major differences between the two are in size, display (5-inch versus 5.5-inch), and battery (2,770mAh versus 3,450mAh).

Google spent a long time highlighting the rear camera in both phones, calling it “the best smartphone camera anyone has ever made.” And related to that, the Pixels also feature unlimited full resolution photo and video storage via Google Photos.

With the Pixel smartphones, Google is basically replacing its Nexus line, or at least putting it on hold for this year. The Pixels sport the "G" logo seen on other devices revealed today, though they still very much remind us of the Nexus look and feel.

HTC is the manufacturer behind the Pixels, though unlike for Nexus phones, you won’t see its logo on these Pixel devices.