"We often repeat like a mantra these days that the notorious sanctions are having little impact. But they do have an impact. We feel this above all in restrictions on technology transfers," he said at the eighth Russia Calling! Investment Forum organized by VTB Capital on Wednesday, October 12.

Read alsoReuters: Russia says U.S. actions threaten its national securityAccording to him, this causes losses to the Russian economy and to the global economy in general, because the Russian economy is without question an important part of the general global economy.

"Those who impose these sanctions are therefore ultimately harming themselves. But I think that we will find ways for coping with this situation too," he said.

Read alsoUkraine starts legal proceedings to contest Russian transit embargo in WTO"We need to continue our efforts to remove barriers to private initiative. I am talking not just about administrative barriers making it hard to enter the market. We need to give particular attention to technical issues such as access to the best technology and a qualified workforce," he added.