Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin heads the rating of Russian politicians under whose rule the country was developing.

According to an UNIAN’s correspondent to Moscow, these are the data of the rating formed by the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Studies, which asked Russians to assess activities of political leaders – from Nikolai II to Dmitriy Medvedev. The latter was not included in the rating.

In particular, according to the results of the poll, an absolute leader is Vladimir Putin (some 80% of those polled said that Russia was developing towards a right direction under his rule), the second place is occupied by Leonid Brezhnev (some 41%), and the third leader is Vladimir Lenin (some 33%). Iosif Stalin and Nikolai II received some 31% each. They are followed by Nikita Khrushchov (some 29%), Mikhail Gorbachov and Boris Yeltsyn (each received some 17%).

At the same time, B.Yeltsin heads the anti-rating of politicians, who, in the opinion of Russians, developed the country towards wrong direction (some 64% of those polled share this opinion). M.Gorbachov occupied the second place with some 63%. They are followed by I.Stalin and N.Khrushchov (some 42% and 41% respectively), V.Lenin and L.Brezhnev (each received some 35%).

The poll was carried on May 24-25 of 2008. 1600 people in 140 settlements were polled. The error margin does not exceed 3.4%.