A bogus "edition" of The New York Times hit streets here Wednesday, with a look into a fantasy future filled with phony headlines taking aim at the Bush administration, according to a report on Xinhua.

 "IRAQ WAR ENDS" hit the headlines, while other pieces included an apology from Secretary of Rice Condoleezza Rice for lies about weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), and the indictment of President Bush for high treason, said the report.

    The fake paper also misspelled Rice`s first name.

    Some people were reportedly taken in by the headline, believing the war was over. "I feel like I`ve got mud on my face," Sam Johnson, 35, a former Marine and Iraq veteran was quoted as saying. "This looks like the real thing."

    The website Gawker.com reported the bogus 14-page paper was the work of The Yes Men, a liberal prank group, the report said.

    A Times spokeswoman was quoted as saying that the paper was investigating its origin