US president-elect Obama to quit his BlackBerry for privacy and safety concerns

10:38, 17 November 2008
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To quit Blackberry might be hard...

US president-elect Barack Obama, unlike his predecessors President George W. Bush, former president Bill Clinton, and others, is a tech-savviest addictive to BlackBerry smart phone to manage his personal e-mails and other data transfers, according to eTaiwan News. To quit Blackberry might be hard for Obama, who had fought for years to quit smoking in order to move into the White House. According to reports, the best way for Obama to prevent his e-mails from being viewed by others is to abstain from the habit of receiving e-mails via BlackBerry.

As the brand slogans "Connect to everything you love in life" and "It`s got the power and performance to drive your desires" imply, BlackBerry, a portable phone with wireless e-mail devices, is taking over the lives of many American executive-level businesspeople. Given that Obama will soon be sworn in as the most powerful man in the world next January, this will come at the cost of his previous living habits.

Rumor has it that Obama is addicted to BlackBerry, and he may suffer "BlackBerry withdrawal syndrome." In other words, if BlackBerry is suddenly removed from his life, Obama may feel uncomfortable because his brain has developed a steady and compensating excitation from using BlackBerry.

As a popular saying goes that "I have the BlackBerry for work and I bought the iPhone for fun," BlackBerry has invaded lives of not only executive-class businesspeople, but also top-ranking politicians. For gadget-loving and techno-savvy Obama, his presidency comes at the expense of burying his BlackBerry.

Obama`s legal advisor was quoted as saying that it would be unlikely for Obama to be allowed to use Blackberry in White House. But, the final decision is still up to Obama.


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