The Ukrainian powers’ concept of the famine of 30ies as a genocide of Ukrainians is aimed at dividing Ukrainian and Russian nations.

According to an UNIAN correspondent to RF, Russian State Duma MP Sergey Markov claimed this opening the international conference “Historical and Political Problem of Mass Famine of 30ies” in Moscow on Monday.

“The concept of Holodomor is aimed at embroiling our nations in quarrel and dividing them… They literally dig into graves and count the number of people of this or that nationality”, S.Markov said.

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He blamed President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and his aides for these actions. According to S.Markov, this concept is beneath criticism and is not confirmed with historical documents and archive materials that were made public.

S.Markov emphasized that tens of different national suffered from famine in different regions of USSR. The Russian MP is confident that the “famine as genocide of Ukrainians” was thought out by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), which is trying to persuade that the famine was organized, first of all, by Russian Jews, and confirms it with specially picked materials with respective surnames.

“This concept is based upon a narrow-minded nationalism, Russophobia, and anti-Semitism”, S.Markov stressed.