NATO will not revoke its pledge made to Georgia and Ukraine and both countries will join NATO one day, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary-General Aurelia Bouchez said here on Thursday, according to Hungary`s News Agency MTI.

    Addressing a NATO conference in Hungarian parliament, Bouchez said NATO needs Russia as a partner at the same time. "We should not make a choice between NATO enlargement and Russia as we need both," she added.

    Bouchez emphasized that NATO`s military transformation should result in more flexibly deployable forces.

    Bouchez said there is no point in handling NATO and European defense policies separately. She said NATO and the EU should focus on cooperation rather than rivalry.

    Bouchez pleced a high value on Hungary`s military presence in Afghanistan.

    Hungary`s Defense Minister Imre Szekeres stressed the need for a new financing scheme for NATO missions, where participant states share costs. He said Hungary`s reconstruction team would continue its mission in Afghanistan`s Baglan province and would join further military missions, too.

    Hungary will celebrate its 10th anniversary of NATO membership in 2009, when NATO will celebrate its 60th anniversary.