In a result of the political crisis in Ukraine a new political elite will come to power, which will lead the country to Europe.

According to an own UNIAN correspondent in the RF, director of Russian and Asian programs of the Word Security Institute (Washington, USA) Nikolay Zlobin said this today at the presentation of “Confrontation. Russia – USA” book in Moscow.

“I believe that Ukraine is on a right way – it reminds me Italy in 50ies very much, where the political crisises took place every half year, but it became a normal European state”, said N. Zlobin.

According to his opinion, the political peripeties in Ukraine will lead to appearing of new Ukrainian political elites.

He is sure that Ukraine has a big chance to pass ahead of Russia and become more modern and update state in political and economic sphere.

N. Zlobin noted that Russia turns now into “filling station for Western Europe and China, serving other economics”.