EU plans to check all travelers at external borders

15:10, 06 December 2016
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The European Commission welcomes the agreement reached on December 5 by the European Parliament and the Council on the Commission's proposal to introduce mandatory systematic checks of all travelers, including EU citizens, against relevant databases when crossing the EU's external borders, according to a statement of the European Commission.


The Commission now looks forward to the swift adoption of the proposal by the European Parliament Plenary and the Council, the statement says.

"While third-country nationals are already subject to systematic document and security checks against relevant databases upon entry, the targeted reform of the Schengen Borders Code also introduces mandatory systematic checks of EU citizens against relevant databases, namely the Schengen Information System (SIS) and the Interpol Stolen and Lost Travel Documents Database (SLTD)," the report reads.

Read alsoPoroshenko announces new deadline for EU visa waivers for UkrainiansIn addition, Member States will have the possibility to carry out systematic checks of EU citizens against other relevant national systems and other Interpol databases.

Furthermore, third-country nationals will now also have to be checked systematically upon exit against SIS and Interpol's SLTD. This should be done strictly respecting data protection rules and the EU's legislation on fundamental rights.

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