Polish politician pleads for calm in Ukraine

17:36, 28 November 2008
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"If a country lacks proper management at times of economic depression..."

Vice-president of the European Parliament, Marek Siwiec, called, Friday, for Ukrainian politicians to solve disputes in that country in the face of the economic crisis.

 "If a country lacks proper management at times of economic depression, it will suffer more," said Siwiec, stressing that Ukraine could be much more affected than any other western country.

  The Polish EP vice president, who came to Ukraine to learn about its present problems and possible solutions to solve them, stated that the political condition of the country, following months of turmoil, was still poor.

 Apart from mentioning the conflict between the Ukrainian president Wiktor Juszczenko and the prime minister Julia Tymoszenko, which triggered the collapse of the ruling coalition, Siwiec pointed to possibly even more serious problems ahead.

 Tymoshenko has demanded that the president reinstate the ruling coalition by the end of the week otherwise she will have to seek “other solutions.”

 He said that politicians should lay down their arms in the face of the economic situation, which is deteriorating day by day.

 With an inflation rate totalling 20 or 30 percent, it is the man-in-the-street who will pay for that.

 "People are losing their patience," Siwiec said and explained  that if the sovereignty of the country gets undermined, this could result in society`s discontent.

 The hryvnia currency slumped to a new historic low on Thursday against major currencies. Earlier this month the IMF bailed out the country to the tune of 16.4 billion dollars.

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