Victor Yushchenko has told reporters Ukraine plans to join the NATO Membership Action Plan first and then consider the possibility of joining NATO, according to the President’s press-office.

“I do not want the country to plunge into a senseless discussion about NATO. The question is whether Ukraine is ready to proceed to another level of its cooperation with NATO, which is called ‘Joining the NATO Membership Action Plan’,” he said.

The Head of State called on politicians that are actively commenting on Ukraine’s NATO membership “not to tell lies in order to preserve the purity of the political discussion,” for Ukraine’s position is clear. He said the Law on the Fundamentals of National Security stipulated our country’s membership in the European Union and NATO, and there were also a few decisions by the National Security and Defense Council on the fundamentals of Ukraine’s defense policy.

“Today, too many politicians have stepped on the path of controlled destabilization, speculatively using things that have nothing in common with the national strategy and our agenda, and so I see no possibility and no logic in changing the foreign course in this area,” he said.