Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych calls predictable the current relations between Ukraine and Russia.

      He disclosed this in an interview to “Izvestia” daily.

      “The most important in the relations between Ukraine and Russia is their predictability.

We perfectly understand that there are national interests of Russia, and it perfectly understands that there are national interests of Ukraine. During negotiations, we always have a principal discussion, because we defend interests of our states”, Victor Yanukovych said.

      The Prime Minister of Ukraine stressed that one cannot base on the interests of only one side, one subject, one state, in the foreign policy. “Compromises, decisions, are always found, when there is a balance. We never must say that somebody won. It is the economics and common sense that must always win”, he said.

      Victor Yanukovych also added that at present a normal gas balance was provided at present, which will allow overcoming the winter-spring serious without problems. At the same time, he added that the prices of the Russian gas will not change for Ukraine till the end of the year ($95 for a thousand cubic meters).