Ukraine was accused of selling Kolchuga stations to Iran in order to compromise it at the world armaments market.

Director of the Center for Army, Conversion, and Disarmament Research Valentyn Badrak disclosed this to UNIAN, commenting on the publication in JDW British weekly on 22 September.

“It is unprofitable to sell Kolchuga stations or other military equipment to Iran and other states, which are under USA sanctions. The losses of Ukraine in the economic and political spheres would be merely huge compared with the momentary profit from any military contract in this sphere:, V.Badrak said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on 22 September JDW british weekly reported that UU sold Kolchuga stations to Iran.

The Kolchuga is intended to detect the take-off and formation of aircraft groups at ranges beyond those of existing radar, as well as determine the course and speed of targets while designating them for air-defence systems. It can identify aerial targets through their emissions and identify the mode of aircraft weapon control systems.

Three Kolchuga stations would normally operate along with a command vehicle to provide accurate triangulation on a target. The system is claimed to have a range of 600 km (narrow beam) or 200 km (wide beam) along a front of 1,000 km.