McCartney lets out secret about new recordings

14:04, 22 December 2008
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The musician signed...

You know him best as Sir Paul McCartney, but now you can call him "the Fireman", according to  AP via  WFIE-TV.

Sir Paul recently revealed that he has released three albums under the pseudonym "the Fireman."

The musician signed copies of the new "Fireman" album in London Sunday called "Electric Argument."

McCartney said he enjoyed the freedom of recording as the Fireman without the weight of the Beatles on his shoulders.

"I kind of like hiding behind a pseudonym. It`s actually just for fun, it`s no particular reason, no significance. What it does is it frees you up a bit in the studio," McCartney said. "You know you go in and instead of standing in front of a mic going, in your mind `this is a Paul McCartney vocal, Can`t Buy Me Love` you kinda go in and you go, `I`m not him, I`m some guy in a fictitious band.`"

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