23 September 2017
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President writes telegrams to European leaders

Gazprom rapidly reduced supplies of gas meant for further transit to Europe

President Victor Yushchenko wrote telegrams to the EU and European countries’ leadership, according to the President`s press-office.

In his telegrams President Yushchenko informed European leaders that in the morning of January 6, 2009 Russian Gazprom has rapidly reduced supplies of gas to Ukraine meant for further transit to Europe.

According to him on January 5 at 23.00 Ukraine was receiving 262 million cubic meters of gas, on January 6 at 9.00 the amount fell to 93 million cubic meters and at 11.30 – to 73 million cubic meters.

In President Yushchenko’s opinion this reduction means that Russian side plans to reduce or even halt transit of Russian gas to European countries through the territory of Ukraine.

“Using this opportunity I inform you that for internal consumption Ukraine utilizes only the gas of our own extraction and the gas that had been pumped into our underground storages and had been fully paid for by the Ukrainian side”, - also said Victor Yushchenko in the telegrams.

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