Poland expects gas flow by Wednesday

14:08, 13 January 2009
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The Polish Oil and Gas Company announced

Russia’s Gazprom has announced that gas is flowing through the pipelines through the Ukraine to the West and should reach Poland by tomorrow, Polskie Radio reported.

 The final agreement between the conflicting parties was signed this morning and gas will be available to the receiving parties in the Balkans and Western Europe in 24-30 hours.

 The Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) expects gas through the Ukraine into Poland by Wednesday.

 “We have information that the first few meters of gas from the Ukraine will arrive on Wednesday,” stated Joanna Zakrzeska, PGNiG spokesperson.

 The gad conflict was all set to end yesterday, but Russia refused to accept the annex that the Ukraine added stating that they did not siphon gas from the pipeline and is not indebted to Russia financially.

 As such, an agreement was reached yesterday, mediated by the European Commission in Brussels, that an international team of observers will monitor gas pressure on the pipelines to ensure that no siphoning takes place. The Finance Minister Waldemar Pawlak is working to ensure that a Pole gets a place on this team of observers.

Polskie Radio

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