Yuliya Tymoshenko Bloc (BYuT) leader promises “to take serious measures” if Speaker Olexandr Moroz does not submit to the President the Law on the Moratorium on Utility Tariffs Rise adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

      Tymoshenko accuses Moroz that he is blocking the law “consciously by agreement with Yanukovych” refusing to move it on.

      “If Moroz had handed in the law to Yushchenko in time, the price hikes for utility services would not have been on agenda today,” she urged.

      BYuT leader also refuted the rumors that utility tariffs hikes depended on rising gas price.

      “Gas price increased right after Yanukovych and Kuchma signed an agreement with RosUkrEnergo in 2004 having enacted the corrupt schemes,” she noted.

      In reply Moroz said that he would not sign the law without the Verkhovna Rada approval following the report of the special commission and the Cabinet of Ministers on preventive measures for reducing utility tariffs hikes.