23 August 2017
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Fatal stabbings at Belgium creche

The Belgian interior...

At least three people have been killed in a knife attack at a creche in north-western Belgium, officials say, according to BBC.

The Belgian interior ministry said two children and one adult died after a man attacked people at the creche in Dendermonde, north-west of Brussels.

The ministry said the assailant had now been arrested.

There have been conflicting reports of the number of victims at the creche. It is thought at least 10 people have been injured in the attack.

Peter Cleymans, of the Dendermonde Ambulance Centre, told Reuters by telephone that a number of people were hurt.

"Ten, 15, 20 are injured, I don`t know," he said.

Flemish TV station VTM had earlier reported three children and two adults had died, but the interior ministry have confirmed only three deaths in total.

Local authorities have put a disaster plan in place, and children have been evacuated from the creche to a nearby reception centre.

The attacker was reported to have painted his face black and white, and arrived at the creche on a bicycle.

Staff members of the daycare centre have told local journalists that the attacker was not known to them.


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