At the same time, the security chief has refused to elaborate on specific targets of Russian cyber espionage, having noted, that those were politicians of various levels. "If we reveal such developments, we share information with targeted individuals and institutions," the head of the bureau said, following his Tuesday closed-doors report to the Latvian government on results of the agency’s work in the past year, according to

Read alsoReuters: Lithuania found Russian spyware on its government computersThe bureau does not have information that as a result of espionage, any classified data containing Latvia’s state secrets has come at disposal of Russian or other foreign special services.

The security agency director has noted that Russia’s espionage efforts are likely to remain at the current level given the arrival in Latvia, as well as in two other Baltic states, of NATO international battalions. However, special measures against NATO troops are also possible, said Maizitis. "These processes, of course, will remain in the focus of the security service this year," said the agency head.

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Read alsoNATO chief: Four robust battle groups to be deployed in the Baltics, PolandMaizitis also said that the information obtained as a result of cyber espionage is "quite interesting intelligence data, but not a state secret."