Russia lukewarm on Iskander missiles, says Tusk

09:29, 30 January 2009
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Putin was invited to Warsaw for talks on the US anti-missile system

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said after his meeting Vladimir Putin at the Davos forum yesterday that he gets the impression that Russia is not so determined to go ahead with its Iskander missile programme.

 Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has also been invited to Warsaw for talks on the US anti-missile system, which at present is scheduled to be installed in Poland.

 “I feel a bit more optimistic on the possible placement of Iskander missiles or others near the Polish border I have the impression after our talk — maybe even more than an impression — that Russia isn`t terribly interested in that option either," said PM Tusk after his meeting with Putin at the world economic forum at Davos in Switzerland.

 It was reported earlier this week that Russia might cancelled plans to install the Iskander system in Kaliningrad near the Polish border if the US backed down from installing the anti-missile system in Poland and the Czech Republic, although Moscow has not confirmed this.

 The two prime ministers talked for longer than initially planned, and discussed the missile conflict, Polish-Russian economic relations and the recent European gas crisis.

 “People are smarter than politics and prefer to develop good neighbourly relations without emotion which so often accompany politics,” said the Polish PM after the meeting.

 Donald Tusk admitted that they discussed decreased supplies of Russian gas to Poland via Ukraine and said that the “problem will soon be solved”. Due to continuing shortfall of gas supply Poland is now getting from Russia only some 76 percent of the contracted level.

PAP via Polskie Radio

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