"It's crazy what's going on – whether it's the Middle East or you look at – no matter where the – Ukraine – you look at – whatever you look at, it's got problems, so many problems. And ultimately, I believe that we are going to get rid of most of those problems, and there won't be fear of anybody. That's the way it should be," he said at the first press briefing with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House on Wednesday.

Read alsoUSA Today: Trump: U.S.-Russian relations 'may be at an all-time low'"Well, I want to just start by saying hopefully [in European countries] they're going to have to fear nothing, ultimately. Right now there is a fear, and there are problems – there are certainly problems. But ultimately, I hope that there won't be a fear and there won't be problems, and the world can get along. That would be the ideal situation," he said.