Moscow's Red Square / Photo from Komsomolskaya Pravda

"Due to adverse weather conditions in the Moscow region," the Defence Ministry press office was quoted by TASS as saying on May 9, "the participation of the air force in the Victory Day parade has been cancelled," The Moscow Times wrote.

The annual parade has featured nuclear missiles driven through the streets of Moscow since 2008. It is Russia's largest public event. May 9 marks 72 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany. The Soviet Union's defeat of fascism is Russia's most revered historical moment.

Read alsoUkraine marks Victory Day over Nazism in WWII (Video)Each year, the government attempts to control the weather and ensure clear skies by seeding clouds with concrete particles. Those efforts, apparently, failed, The Moscow Times wrote.

The government spent 98 million rubles ($1.67 million) on the effort this year.