Because of the contraband from Transdniestria, Ukraine fails to receive 400-450 million hryvnias annually. President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko said this in an interview with Kommersant Ukraine and Kommersant Russia newspapers today.

He stressed that Ukraine bases on the fact that Moldova is a single and inseparable country. “We respect the integrity and sovereignty of Moldova. If so, than we automatically confirm that this country has a single customs territory”, Victor Yushchenko said.

“Tiraspol used to practice flows of goods, which were considered a contraband at any territory, as they did not have any proper documents. By assessments of Ukrainian experts, the volume of the contraband makes approximately 200-250 million dollars. Besides, this is an understated estimate. Because of this, the Ukrainian budget fails to receive nearly 400-450 million hryvnias a year”, the President stressed.

According to him, this is the issue of fighting the shadow economics, contraband of weapons and drug traffic.

Victor Yushchenko stressed that Ukraine does not apply any policy of blockade against Transdniestria.

“Just look at the figures: nearly 17 carriages could not leave Transdniestria because of the problems with documents. While nearly 525 carriages, a third part of them being with foodstuffs, was not allowed to enter Transdniestria. So, they are holding a self-blockade”, Victor Yushchenko said.

He is convinced that it is done in order to claim later about a humanitarian catastrophe.

At the same time, a myth is formed, in particular, by some Russian mass media, that it is a blockade of Transdniestria.