The Governor of California will take time off to shoot a movie, according to

The fact that the country is in a devastating economic depression is no longer news. People everywhere are losing jobs as businesses crumble. With President Obama continuing to push his stimulus package forward, each state has to find ways to mend its own troubling situation.

The state of California is no exception. It’s sad that Californians are losing their jobs and homes by the thousands, but it is not news. The fact that their governor is going off to shoot a movie during this difficult time, however, is.

According to, Governor Schwarzenegger has got the California state legislature on “lockdown” until they can pass a budget. The Governator better hope they can do it before he leaves. reports that Governor Schwarzenegger will take time off to shoot a scene for Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming action flick, The Expendables.

Shooting is expected to begin next month.