In contrast, by a 53-point spread, most think President Trump sees it the other way around, Fox News reports.

The latest Fox News national poll asks voters to label a list of countries as either an ally or an enemy.

North Korea (93%), Iran (80%) and Syria (76%) are viewed as America’s top three enemies.  

Read alsoTrump's son-in-law under scrutiny in Russia probe – mediaHowever, it’s fourth place Russia (64% an enemy) that has fallen the most out of favor with voters since 2013, the last time the question was asked on a Fox News Poll.  Its enemy status is up 24 points from four years ago, when 47% considered Russia a friend and 40% a foe (March 2013). 

The poll also asked voters how they thought “President Trump views the U.S. relationship with Russia.”  Nearly three-quarters (73%) believe the president sees it as an ally.  Only 20% think Trump considers Russia an adversary.  

Among Trump voters, 39% say Russia is a friend, yet 59% think Trump sees it as one.  Compare that to those voters who backed Hillary Clinton in the election:  just 17% see Russia as an ally and 84% think Trump does. 

Read alsoEU, U.S. to continue common sanctions policy towards Russia – TuskThese findings come on the heels of the Justice Department appointing a special counsel to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and the Trump campaign.

A 68% majority approves of that move, while 29% disapprove.