Georgia is re-orienting its mail routes to Ukraine after Russia suspended mail links with its former Soviet ally, the Novosti Georgia agency said Saturday, referring to Georgia Post Office Co, according to RIA Novosti.

Authorities in Georgia arrested four Russian officers on spying charges in September, but released them later to defuse what was becoming a mounting crisis. An enraged Moscow responded by suspending all transportation and mail links with Georgia.

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"After Russia suspended mail links with Georgia, the country`s postal services have experienced a blockade as 80% of the mail exchange was transited via Moscow," Ezik Intskirveli said. "We have got in touch with Ukraine`s national postal operator and asked it for help."

He said Ukraine had responded promptly and currently handled the largest portion of Georgia`s mail exchanges, while Georgia was also holding talks with Turkish, French and German airlines.

Intskirveli added that the Georgia Post Office had urged the Universal Postal Union to respond to Russia`s violation of the international mail links convention.