Chinese farmer mauled to death by Siberian tiger

14:00, 10 March 2009
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The farmer, identified...

A 20-year-old Chinese migrant farmer visiting the Great Wall was mauled to death by a Siberian tiger after trying to take a shortcut through a wildlife reserve, a newspaper reported on Sunday, according to Reuters.

The farmer, identified only by his surname Guo, and two companions from Xingtai in Hebei Province, had visited a remote part of the Great Wall on Saturday, not far from the popular tourist section at Badaling, police told the Beijing Times.

Officials said that on their way home, the farmers ignored warning signs and climbed over three fences, including a metre-high electric fence, to enter the grounds of Badaling Wild Animal World, a top breeding ground that has more than 10,000 wild animals in a 4 sq km area.

"As soon as he jumped down from the fence into the park, one tiger instantly pounced on him and bit him in the throat," police told the newspaper.

The other two farmers escaped and fled to alert authorities.

Staff at the wildlife reserve had to force eight Siberian tigers back into cages before they could recover Guo`s body, the paper said. Police said the case was being investigated.

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