In particular, the British multinational advertising and PR company WPP plc, (Wire and Plastic Products) has said its systems were attacked, Meduza wrote.

The Hague-headquartered international container terminal operating company APM Terminals has said that its computers are infected with ransomware. At the same time, the shown screenshot of an infected computer resembles the traces of an attack that previously hit Ukraine.

Read alsoUkraine large enterprises, institutions under massive hacker attackCyber attacks were earlier reported by companies in France, Spain and India.

As UNIAN reported, several Ukrainian banks, as well as some enterprises of the commercial and public sectors, were affected by external hacker attacks by an unknown virus on June 27. According to the National Bank of Ukraine, banks have been experiencing difficulties in servicing clients and conducting banking operations because of cyber attacks reportedly with the use of the Petya.A ransomware.

According to blogs on malware, Petya is different from the other popular ransomware, as it denies access to the full system by attacking low-level structures on the disk instead of encrypting files one by one.