Victor Yushchenko has told reporters in Helsinki he is pleased with results of the tenth Ukraine-EU summit, according to the President`s press-office.

      “I am pleased with results of the summit. We work as strategic partners. Our mutual integration is inevitable and irreversible,” he said, adding that both Ukraine and the European Union were looking forward to “concrete results.

 “This is our major reference point which determines the essence of our actions and Ukraine’s prospects.”

      The President said the most positive result of the summit is the beginning of a dialogue aimed at “building relations between Ukraine and the EU in a new dimension.”

      Mr. Yushchenko said the sides had discussed prospects for the implementation of the Ukraine-EU Action Plan.

      “All the sides have noted progress in the implementation of this document,” he said.

      He said the greatest achievement of the summit was their agreement to create a free trade zone, which will result in the unification of regulatory policies and strengthening of cooperation.

      “This is the first step in Ukraine’s integration into the EU home market and its four basic freedoms: free flow of commodities, services, capitals and people,” he said. The President also noted much progress in many other fields, such as energy, aviation and security. He described the energy sector as a “strategic direction in Ukraine’s cooperation with the EU.”

      “Our energy partnership is successfully developing on the basis of five action plans. Their implementation stipulates Ukraine’s integration into Europe’s energy system,” he said.

      The participants of the summit confirmed their intention to implement the Odesa-Brody-Plock project. They also agreed to diversify energy sources and routes of their transportation.

      Mr. Yushchenko said the summit had also focused on security and justice issues.

      “In these areas, we firmly stand on the common ground,” he said.

      The President said the EU consistently supported Ukraine’s plans to settle the Trans-dniester conflict. The participants of the summit also supported a new plan in the area of justice, freedom and security, aimed at better protecting our borders against criminals and terrorists.

      Finland’s Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen and President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, who presided over the summit, also said they were pleased with the meeting, characterizing it as an “open and profound discussion on all topical issues both Ukraine and the EU are interested in.” They said it was time to start talks on the formulation of an enhanced agreement between Ukraine and the EU.