20 September 2017
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DW: Angela Merkel trounces election rival Martin Schulz in TV debate

Chancellor Angela Merkel made the more convincing case to lead Germany for the next four years in Sunday's television debate against her election rival, Martin Schulz, according to viewers, Deutsche Welle reported.


Forty-nine percent of viewers surveyed by German broadcaster ARD viewed Merkel as the more credible over the course of the debate, compared to just 29 percent who favored Social Democrat (SPD) candidate Schulz, DW wrote.

More than half of those surveyed (55 percent) said the chancellor also outperformed her rival, compared to just 35 percent who thought Schulz came out on top.

Merkel reportedly scored particularly high marks when it came to credibility, grasp of the issues and likability.

It comes after the two candidates jostled over 90 minutes on issues ranging from migration, to pensions, to Dieselgate.

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