In the wake of the latest nuclear tests in North Korea, an extremely dangerous situation is emerging as the actions of the North Korean leader are becoming increasingly aggressive. First of all, this is connected with impunity.

Based on this dreary conclusion, the international community needs to take decisive steps to convince Kim Jong Un, that this game is becoming extremely dangerous, while such an aggressive policy is futile.

But what is it that the world community should do, after all? Here lies the key problem because the world community as such is unlikely to exist. Instead, there are several communities or key players in the global arena today. But, unfortunately, they cannot be considered a single community. That’s because if we take the United States, China and Russia, for example, it is difficult to imagine that they will be able to reach any consensus even if they all voice concern and condemn DPRK’s latest moves, and even if they know the causes and the solutions. After all, the interests they are trying to defend in this game via DPRK (apart from the main one - to prevent nuclear apocalypse), are totally opposite.

The actions now proposed by Trump carry a certain threat because any use of force against North Korea will yield unpredictable results

We need to rely on the system of global collective security, since there remains the United Nations, the UN Security Council, which, in fact, keeps working despite all difficulties. That is, there is a tool where it is possible to develop solutions and at least a key understanding that all countries and their leaders do not want to allow a nuclear apocalypse. The actions now proposed by Trump carry a certain threat because any use of force against North Korea will yield unpredictable results.

It is worth remembering the interests pursued by key players in this act. Because in this case, trying to understand the logic of North Korea's moves, it seems that it has stood up not only against America but also against the entire world. No matter how inadequate Kim Jong Un may seem, he knows perfectly well that it will be difficult for him to fight the entire world without catastrophic consequences for the state and for himself.

Therefore, the logical question arises - who supports Pyongyang in such an aggressive policy, and who has been pushing North Korean leadership to maintain it? And here stretches a wide field for international investigations, to find out who has helped and keeps helping North Korea make nuclear weapons and carriers, who penetrates the isolation regime, who covertly supports Pyongyang politically or provides support through providing technology, resources, etc.

Oleksiy Melnyk is a co-director of foreign policy and international security programs at Razumkov Center