The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is surprised at Russia`s reaction on the ban to Chairman of the Effective Policy Fund Gleb Pavlovsky to enter Ukraine qualifying it as an unfriendly action, according to Ukrinform.

      As the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry`s press service commented, "a decision of Ukraine`s competent bodies was based on concrete facts of Mr Pavlovsky`s activities and his "contribution" to development of friendly relations between Russia and Ukraine. Mr Pavlovsky crossed the border, which divides "political consultations from interference into a foreign country`s internal affairs".

      "The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs more than anybody should be aware of activities of Mr Pavlovsky, which run counter efforts by the parties to create the atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding, which, by the way, was proved by a visit of Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov to Ukraine," the commentary said.

      "We cannot agree with the statement that internationally recognized norms of protection of national security are qualified by the Russian side as " faulty practice". We wonder how the Russian side qualifies granting asylum to Ukrainian citizens, law offenders, who broke the law and against whom criminal proceedings are instituted and who are declared wanted. By the way, proceeding from humanitarian reasons Mr Pavlovsky was permitted to enter Ukraine for twenty-four hours to settle his family affairs, which fact was not mentioned by the Russian Foreign Ministry," the commentary by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry`s press service said Thursday.

      As Ukrinform reported, on October 25 the Russian Foreign Ministry stated its surprise about the ban to enter Ukraine to Chairman of the Effective Policy Fund Gleb Pavlovsky.

      The Security Service of Ukraine prohibited Mr Pavlovsky to enter Ukraine for five years.