He said the door had been opened to a unilateral declaration of independence, according to BBC.

Catalan officials later said 90% of those who voted backed independence in Sunday's vote. The turnout was 42.3%.

More than 2.2 million people were reported to have voted, according to Catalan authorities, out of 5.3 million registered voters. A Catalan spokesman said more than 750,000 votes could not be counted because polling stations were closed and urns were confiscated.

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Spain's constitutional court had banned the vote and hundreds of people were injured as police used force to try to block voting.

Spain's complicated relationship with the region of Catalonia is headed for the unknown.

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Overnight Catalonia's government claimed a turnout of 2.2 million people - not far off half of the electorate. It also said that 90% voted "yes" for independence from Spain.

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