The Eastern Partnership Project, the initiative put forward by Poland and Sweden is officially launched during an EU summit in Prague today, Polskie Radio reported. Its aim is to boost multilateral ties and promote stability in the troubled regions in the East. Six post-Soviet states: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are to be invited to participate in it.

Experts have pointed that the deepening of the economic and political cooperation between  those countries will depend on those six countries. According to  Amanda Akcakoca of Brussels-based Center for European Policy Poland should make sure there is enthusiasm for the initiative among the current members of the bloc. “There are too many instances in the EU that they come up with the big bang  policies that are all, you know, fireworks and stars and then they just disappear and sort of the EU should not allow this to happen with Eastern Partnership Project. This region is of importance and they need to really symbolically show this” she said in an interview with the Polish Radio correspondent in Brussels.

Several European leaders, including the British and Spanish prime ministers as well as the French president, are among those not participating in the Prague meeting. Polish diplomats, howerever, stress that today`s meeting is only a launching ceremony while details of the initiative have been agreed upon and work on concrete projects should commence soon.

Addressing parliamentarians earlier today Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski said that the Eastern Partnership project will be one of the priorities of the Polish presidency in the European Union in 2011.

The European Union has allocated 600 million euros to be used for the project of the Eastern Partnership until 2013.

Polskie Radio