26 September 2017
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WHO officially confirms 5,251 A/H1N1 cases

61 deaths worldwide

The World Health Organization has officially confirmed 5,251 cases of A/H1N1 influenza, commonly known as swine flu, with 61 deaths in 30 countries, RIA Novosti reported.

Mexico has reported 2,059 confirmed cases with 56 deaths; three people have died in the United States, which has reported 2,600 laboratory confirmed cases; Canada has confirmed 330 cases with one death and one person has died in Costa Rica, which has reported eight confirmed cases.

Despite the dramatic media reports that accompanied the recent outbreak of swine flu, leading scientists say the virus is a mild strain and only a further mutation would make it a serious threat. Swine flu deaths in Mexico, the worst hit by the virus, are around average for seasonal flu fatalities.

The WHO has said there is no risk of infection from the consumption of well-cooked pork and pork products.

RIA Novosti

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