Following Ukrainian-Finnish talks President Victor Yushchenko and President of Finland Tarja Halonen spoke to media, according to the President`s press-office.

In his statement President Yushchenko said that Ukraine considers Finland a firm partner in Ukraine`s European integration. According to him within the framework of today’s talks sides have discussed the Eastern Partnership project and development of relations between Ukraine and the EU. “In these process we see a firm partner in Finland, which not only formulates its position clearly, but also provides us with support”, - said Victor Yushchenko. He also said that in the last year substantial progress was made in development of Ukraine-EU relations.

From her part President Halonen also stressed assurance that Ukraine and the Eu have reached much progress in their talks. “Ukraine is a big European country. It has all possibilities to integrate into Europe”, - she said, adding also that Finland would support Ukraine on this path.

President Yushchenko also informed that sides have discussed energy cooperation, particularly the results of Brussels Conference on modernization of Ukrainian gas transport system and Finland’s experience in using alternative sources of fuel.

Beside that in the talks President Yushchenko informed President Halonen on internal situation in Ukraine, reforming of the judicial system and fighting corruption and said that Ukraine would be grateful to Finland for sharing experience in that field.

“Your first visit to Ukraine is a pivotal event in development of relations between our states”, - he said addressing President Halonen.

From her part the President of Finland said that today’s talks were constructive and thanked Ukraine for “good relations with its neighbors”.